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SUSC consultancy

Now more than ever, your company can benefit from embedding Sustainability. SUSC can help by offering training and consultancy.

SUSC Vision

The need for sustainability is more urgent than ever. SUSC is convinced that a powerful change is required and companies have a key role to play.

SUSC training

About SUSC

‘With experience in leadership, hr, sustainability and finance, I’m eager to help organisations to change for longterm success.’

SUSC Training

SUSC offers three unique Sustainability Masterclasses for managers, professionals, and professionals working in finance. In-company. Besides that we also offer Inhouse training programs.

SUSC Consultancy

SUSC provides consultancy services to help to translate existing sustainability strategies into widely supported action plans. And offers short Strategizing Change projects, to enable organizations to make the change.

Cambridge Models

The methodology used at SUSC is inspired in the knowledge and models of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, an internationally renowned institute for leadership development and research into a sustainable economy. 

SUSC Services