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SUSC Sustainable Leadership Lab

For ambitious and game-changing leaders

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Responding successfully to a fast-changing world

Developments in the field of sustainability are moving very fast and as a result expectations of management are changing rapidly. External stakeholders such as customers and the government are having increasingly stringent environmental and social expectations. Internally, the expectations of the management board and of employees for sustainability are increasing. Managers increasingly wonder how they can play a successful role in this transition.

SUSC offers leadership training that helps managers with knowledge and skills on sustainability. The SUSC Sustainable Leadership Lab is based on the Cambridge Impact Leadership model. The training is offered in an inspiring learning environment with an enthusiastic group of professionals.

SUSC Leadership Lab

  • Blended learning:
    • classroom: 2 days and 1 evening
    • online assignments: 4 weeks, 2 hours p / wk
  • Group size: max 8 participants
  • Dutch & English
  • Price; 1,695€ excl VAT, incl drinks, lunch/dinner

Location: CIRCL Amsterdam
Open enrollment & In-company

Learning objectives

  • Develop competencies of the Cambridge Impact Leadership model
  • Learn about innovative business models
  • Gain insight into competences for leading successful change
  • Discover what impact your organization can have
  • Be inspired and strengthen your ambition

Trainings dates

No training dates scheduled at this moment. Please contact us for the latest update.

Who should attend?

The Lab is designed for managers who want to develop leadership skills to contribute to the sustainability transition within their organization. 


The Lab is also relevant for Senior Strategy Consultants and HR Professionals who advise on (sustainability) strategy and leadership development.


The Leadership Lab is also offered in-company. SUSC amends the Lab to the context of the organization and formulated sustainability strategy. Developing an interactive e-learning course can also be discussed. Interested in this training within your organization? Please get in touch for a tailor-made offer.

The content of the SUSC Leadership Lab

The Lab is based on the three themes of the Cambridge Impact Leadership Model.


In this theme we work on enriching your knowledge on sustainability. The strategic and operational risks will be discussed, as well as the opportunities for making environmental and social impact. Both at industrial and company level. We analyze these risks and opportunities for your own organisation.

You will gain insight into various innovative sustainable business models, such as circularity and PSS. And we discuss other relevant factors that promote sustainability, including the value of systems thinking and diversity & inclusion.


The concept of Value is central to Sustainable Leadership. We analyze how a value-driven personal purpose relates to the purpose of an organization.

You will gain insight into the competences of the Sustainable Leadership profile. You will also learn how to apply your personal competences for impactful change.


We discuss effective methods to take a leadership role in the sustainable transformation, such as the Value Mapping Tool and the B Corp assessment.

You learn to apply effective stakeholder management towards employees, senior management, customers and within your sector.

Throughout the training we reflect on the applicability in your context, so that you complete the training with a game-changing action plan!

A blended learning experience

The Sustainability Leadership Lab entails two training days and a closing event. Four weeks of e-learning are planned around the training days.

  • First day 10h – 17h, followed by a dinner (both lunch and dinner are included)
  • Second day 10h – 17h (lunch included)
  • Closing event 17h – 20h (informal dinner included)

We follow the RIVM Covid-19 guidelines.

Take your leadership to the next level!

Anne Wagenmans

Trainer – owner SUSC

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