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SUSC Driven by purpose

Anne Wagenmans, Owner SUSC & Sustainability Change Manager

‘Passionate about impact, serious about climate change

LinkedIn – Anne Wagenmans

Anne Wagenmans is a founding partner of SUSC. Her passion for sustainable transitions is a key driver in her work. After her master’s degree in Business Economics in Tilburg (1999), Anne worked for more than 18 years for international organizations such as FMO, AEGON Asset Management and ExxonMobil.

In 2017, obtained a Postgraduate Sustainability degree from the University of Cambridge. She then worked within the FMO Sustainability team on sustainable energy projects in Chad, Nepal and Lebanon. In addition, she worked as an assessor for Sustainability programs at the University of Cambridge from 2019 to 2022. In 2020 she decided to start SUSC.

In addition to her work at SUSC, Anne is a board member at MKB Den Haag. Anne lives with her husband and their two children in The Hague, close to the dunes and sea.

Alexander de Bruin, Partner SUSC

‘I focus on the sustainable development of people, organizations and ecosystems.’

LinkedIn – Anne Wagenmans

Alexander de Bruin is partner of SUSC. In his work he focuses on the sustainable development of people, organizations and ecosystems. Combining his experience with personal stories and knowledge about market transformations. In addition to his work at SUSC, he and André Nijhof provide Impact Programs for banks and insurers from Nyenrode Business University. These have led to concrete action plans for accelerating the sustainable transition.

Alexander worked at Rabobank for more than 14 years, including Relationship Manager. He was also the initiator of the movement around strategic customer dialogues within the bank.

In addition to his work for SUSC and Nyenrode, he is a business coach for various entrepreneurs. This keeps him in touch with the day-to-day practice of the entrepreneur. Alexander lives with his wife and three children in The Hague.

SUSC Professionals Network

Sustainability requires a multidisciplinary approach. That is why SUSC collaborates with a network of professionals in the field of sustainability, circularity, reporting, communication and organizational development. All specialists have a passion for sustainability.

Working together?

SUSC is convinced that only together can we make the transition to a new sustainable economy a success. SUSC helps organizations take a powerful role by connecting people during training and consultancy. Interested in the SUSC approach, our services and/or working together?

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