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Sustainability is more urgent than ever. A powerful change is needed and companies can play a major role in this transition.

The growth of the world economy and industrialization have brought us great wealth and prosperity. But the world is now facing an immense challenge. If we continue our current production and consumption levels we will deplete our natural resources and biodiversity, and climate change will lead to increased social inequality. As a result, our prosperity and health will drastically deteriorate. That is why a sustainable change is urgently needed.

The SUSC Vision

SUSC believes in a new, sustainable economy with value creation for all stakeholders.

SUSC stands for SUStainable Change and helps companies and organizations to take a powerful role in the transition through training and consultancy. SUSC is joining the growing global movement of companies that want to accelerate a transition to a new sustainable economy.

The SUSC Core Values

Driven by Purpose

SUSC’s objective is to have a significantly positive impact on society and the environment through its activities.

In the decision-making process SUSC will, in addition to its commercial interests, consider the social, economic, and legal consequences for:

  • customers and society;
  • the local and global environment, and;
  • the short and long-term interests of the company.

SUSC will guide clients to also include society and the environment in both objectives and decision-making, thereby making an active contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Committed & engaged

Commitment and engagement are core values for the SUSC approach as they are essential for successful and sustainable change.

Commitment; Senior Management leads with purpose and is committed to the goal of sustainability. It inspires and is a role model for sustainable behaviour.

Engaged; Employees are driven by purpose and feel involved and supported by management. They work together and take responsibility for their tasks.

Management and employees work together towards audacious goals and towards building an impactful, value-driven organization.

Getting things done

SUSC works pragmatically and is results-oriented. The training modules and advisory processes are clear, transparent and contribute to both awareness and concrete actions. With conviction; every problem can be solved!

The consultancy reports and action plans are focused and to the point. If possible, made in close cooperation with an internal project manager, to ensure follow-up and progress.

The SUSC Principles have been inspired by B Corp

B Corp is an international certification for companies that use profits and growth as a means to a greater end: positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment. B Corp pursues the highest standards in the field of social and sustainable performance to balance profit and purpose, and thus build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Examples of B Corps are Tony’s Chocolonely, Dopper, Triodos Bank, Patagonia and Seepje.

SUSC guides customers in the B Corp certification process and has the ambition to achieve B Corp status in 2022.

SUSC Services