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SUSC Consultancy: realising impactful change with an advisor next to you.

SUSC Consultancy helps organizations create a Roadmap or gives customized advice.

Many organizations have formulated their sustainability ambitions, but the main challenge is integrating sustainability into the company culture, business processes and decision-making.

SUSC advises and supports clients to realise the desired change; embedding sustainability within the organization. It helps organisations to increase awareness, engagement and practical implementation. This way management and employees are able to make impactful choices.

Sustainable Change Roadmap

Creating a SUSC Roadmap means working on a multi-year sustainability plan that focuses on awareness, engagement and practical implementation. The plan is in line with an existing sustainability strategy and will result in strategic objectives and concrete actions. Cambridge models are used during the process.

The final SUSC Roadmap is a clear report that shows goals, actions and timelines. The development of the SUSC Roadmap takes two to four months, depending on the scope of the process. In addition to the planning of initiatives, the report also contains recommendations for adjustments in formal processes, including decision-making, communication and HR processes.

During this process, both management and employees are challenged to think along. Only together can we build an organization that creates value for shareholders as well as for society and the environment. An organization where sustainability is a core value.

SUSC Tailored advice

SUSC understands every organization has different needs and is situated at a different stage of the change curve. 

Examples of services SUSC can help with: 

  • a fresh look at the existing sustainability policy in combination with a SUSC vision on change management;
  • energetic project management for sustainability initiatives (incl B Corp certification), follow-up plan and objectives;
  • a combination of the three unique SUSC training programs organised in-company. 

The SUSC core values ‘Purpose driven, engaged and “mission-driven, involved and getting things done” play a key role in all SUSC services!

Why choose SUSC?

Knowledge of sustainability & change management

A powerful combination of competences

Theory of the University of Cambridge

Based on the latest knowledge and developments

Energy for change

Working with enthusiasm and focus

SUSC Services