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SUSC Value Workshops

for innovative and successful teams

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  • Does your team want to accelerate its sustainability ambition in a structured process?
  • Are you wondering how to get everyone engaged and how to come up with a concrete action plan for your department?

SUSC offers workshops based on the Cambridge Value Mapping Tool to help teams move forward. It is a method that uses value analysis to accelerate sustainability.

The Value Mapping method has already been applied to teams within many organizations. For more information see the Cambridge Models page.

SUSC Value Workshops

  • Duration 2 to 3 days
  • Group size 8 people
  • Price on request
  • Dutch & English
  • In-Company only

Learning objectives

  • Accelerate sustainability within your team
  • Enrich your understanding of value
  • Learn to analyze the perspectives of different stakeholders
  • Strengthen the team ambition for impact
  • Prioritize and create a team action plan

Are Value Workshops valuable for your team?

The SUSC Value Workshops are designed for ambitious teams that want to accelerate sustainability. Value Workshop can be organized for teams working in the (financial) service industry, sales, production and policy organisations. Teams can be in different phases of a change process and the structure of the workshops will be adapted to this. The workshops are specifically relevant to teams who want to work towards a concrete, widely supported action plan.


The SUSC Value Workshops are only offered in-company. SUSC aligns the content to the organisational context and formulated sustainability strategy. Interested in SUSC Value Workshops within your organization? Contact SUSC for more information, then we can discuss a tailor-made approach!

Content of the SUSC Value Workshop

Introduction to sustainability

The Value Workshop will start with a short introduction to sustainability and the ‘business case’ for sustainable change. We will analyze the risks and opportunities of current environmental and social challenges.

Value analysis

We will look at the concept of Value from different perspectives. With all team members we will go step by step through the phases of the Value Mapping tool. At each step we will have a structured brainstorm.


In the last phase of the Value Workshops we will define the most effective method for practical implementation. We will consider applying effective stakeholder management and finish the training with a clear action plan.

Work with your team on more impact.

Anne Wagenmans

Trainer – owner SUSC

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