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Leadership in Sustainable Finance

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Masterclass Leadership in Sustainable Finance; Enrich your knowledge & discover the success factors for impactful change!

Climate change is seen as the biggest corporate risk (World Economic Forum, 2020). Sustainability and innovation are therefore increasingly important for organizations to remain successful. Financials, in various roles, will be more and more challenged to know the impact on sustainability on investments, analysis and reporting. Within the financial field, developments in the field of sustainability are rapidly evolving.

Although sustainability is on the agenda of many organisations, it is not always embedded in target setting and decision making of financials. That is why leading impactful change initiatives is not easy, however very relevant and inspiring!

In this Masterclass we discuss key contextual insights on the role finance can play and the current issues with sustainable finance. The key success factors for sustainable change within finance are on the agenda. As guidance we use the Impact Leadership Model of the University of Cambridge, which is based on years of research. This Masterclass gives you both knowledge on sustainable finance and guidance on making impactful change.

The Masterclass is organised in an inspiring learning environment with a group of enthusiastic, financial professionals. Knowledge exchange, interaction and inspiration are the key elements of this training.

The SUSC Masterclass

  • Duration:
    2 half days
  • Location:
    CIRCL; now virtual!
  • Language:
    Dutch & English
  • Trainer:
    Anne Wagenmans (working as Assessor for the University of Cambridge Sustainable Finance course)
  • Price:
    595€ excl. vat
               Also in-company

Learning objectives

After this Masterclass you:

  • Enriched your knowledge on recent developments in sustainable finance
  • Are you aware of the challenges of sustainable finance
  • Have a different view on value creation
  • Learned about innovative business models and the role of finance
  • Discovered crucial aspects of change management and are equipped to start your own game-changing action plan!

Training dates

Virtual classroom
Group of max 8 participants

4 & 10 June 2021 9-12h

18 & 26 March 2021 9-12h
11 & 18 May 2021 9-12h

Who should attend?

  • You are looking to deepen your knowledge on sustainable finance and the financial system.
  • You want to see what role you can play in integrating sustainability at investments, reporting or analysis within your organisation.
  • You want to learn more on the levers for successful change management in finance.


This Masterclass is also offered in-company. SUSC aligns the content to the organisational context and formulated sustainability strategy.  Interested in a SUSC Sustainable Finance Masterclass within your organization? Please get in touch for a tailor-made offer!

The content of the SUSC Accelerator Course


In this theme we work on enriching your knowledge on sustainability within finance. The risks and opportunities of making environmental and social impact will be discussed. You will gain insight into various innovative sustainable business models.


Within the theme ‘Values’ we will discuss different ways of value creation. The Value Mapping Tool and the B Corp assessment will be addressed.


The element ‘Practices’ dives into change management. It covers the steps and skills to make successful change. We reflect on the implementation in your specific context, which will enable you to make a game-changing action plan!


During The SUSC Masterclass Course we follow the COVID-19 guidelines. In case the Masterclass is cancelled due to RIVM/Dutch Government restrictions, you can choose to cancel or move your registration without any further cost.

‘Besides a great overview of scientific models, I gained very practical tools and ideas to implement sustainability’

Martijn Lamberts

Board Member 
RINO Amsterdam

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